Gimme Soothing! cleansing base is a gentle, natural, face and body shower gel that cleanses, soothes and protects the whole family’s skin. A lightly-foaming, vegetable glycerin cleansing gel with a naturally flowery fragrance that leaves your skin soft and supple without drying it out. Perfect for caring for all types of skin, even the most fragile.

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Soft and delicate, the cleansing base Gimme Soothing! owns nourishing, protecting and soothing virtues. Its pump format is very easy to use and above all, very handy as it can slide easily in a toilet bag or a vanity. Thus, you can always have it with you, whether for weekend trips or for holidays. With its Cruelty free and Vegan label, our cleansing base isn’t tested on animals and does not contain animal-sourced ingredients. In short, this base is a perfect care not only for your skin but also for the environment!

A natural product to cleanse your facial and body skin

Sadly, we do not all have the chance to own a well-nourished skin which does not itch. Some of us have known for a long time the unpleasant sensations caused by dry and sensitive skins. From a very young age some of us can develop a real fragility on their skins which leads to itching and dryness. Luckily, with an adapted beauty routine, you can regain easily a well-nourished, protected and soothed skin. And for an effective and natural treatment, our Gimme Soothing! cleanse base is inescapable. Thanks to the Neroli, cadier wood, palmarosa and Camom Roman ille essential oils, it nourishes deeply without drying the skin. Its “clean” formula is a real asset as you can enjoy the benefits of natural elements, good for the epidermis of your face and your body. With its Slow Cosmétique label, our Gimme Soothing! cleanse base is the natural alternative for dry skins and sensitive to petrochemicals.

Our usage advices for this face and body natural cleansing base

natural shower gel to clean and protect all the sensitive skin

Morning and evening:

  • Clean and purify your face and body using Gimme Soothing! cleansing base (a few drops on your hand).
  • Then apply your usual daily care product or a few drops of the lotion which suits you:
  • Gimme Soothing! lotion to nourish and soothe irritated skin.
  • Gimme Clear! lotion to fight imperfections.
  • Antisèche lotion to nourish and repair your skin deep-down.
  • Gimme Clean! lotion to relieve skin and scalp itching and flaking.

More tips:

  • For her: it can remove makeup gently with fingertips (avoid using a cotton pad on very sensitive or irritated skin).
  • For him: it can be used as a shaving foam on damaged/irritated skin.

 Precaution for use: 

  • Suitable for children aged 3 and over. 
  • Do not use the product on damaged or bleeding skin.
  • It is recommended to use the product twice a day and to cut your nails to avoid scratching any skin already damaged.

Duration of the Protocol: 

  • It is recommended to follow this protocol until the improvement of the appearance of your skin.
  • It is recommended to continue the protocol as a preventive routine and/or as soon as the first skin irritations or symptoms appear.

Period of use of bottle:

  • Between 25 to 30 days on average.

We recommend:

  • Always test the product on your elbow crease then leave it for 24 hours before applying to larger skin areas. 
  • Tightly close the bottle after use to prevent active plant extracts to fly away! Keep our special formulas in a dry, dark place, away from direct light.
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