About Stem cell therapy


Stem cell therapy is a type of regenerative medicine used to treat and study disease. It is used in cancer treatment and to reduce the risk of infection.1 American Cancer Society. How stem cell and bone marrow transplants are used to treat cancer.  Researchers are looking for other ways to use stem cells in medical therapies. This article will cover stem cells, which conditions they treat, and their safety. It will also discuss stem cell therapy's side effects and risks.

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Cosmebio and criteria


The Cosmébio association was created in 2002 at a time when there were no regulations governing natural and organic cosmetics and when abuses of organic claims were looming. Cosmébio was thus created in order to protect consumers from these abuses and is based on three key values: the majority of naturalness in the formula, respect for the environment and an important social commitment.

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Indemne - Natural and Organic skin care


Natural treatments exclusively composed of essential and vegetable oils, without any chemical component, for the dermatological treatment of atopic , sensitive, irritated or even “capricious” skin.

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