Higher Body Fat and Insulin: Impact on Cancer Growth


Understanding the Link: Body Fat, Insulin, and Cancer Growth In the realm of health discussions, the connection between body fat, insulin levels, and cancer growth has garnered significant attention. Research has unveiled a compelling association between higher body fat percentages and elevated insulin levels, contributing significantly to the development and progression of cancer.

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Body fatness and cancer


Do you know that, after smoking, unhealthy weight is the high risk factor to cancer ? What happens if you do not maintain a healthy weight?

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Can You Actually Improve Your Well-Being?


Well-being emerges from your thoughts, actions, and experiences — most of which you have control over. For example, when we think positively, we tend to have greater emotional well-being. When we pursue meaningful relationships, we tend to have better social well-being. And when we lose our job — or just hate it — we tend to have lower workplace well-being. These examples start to reveal how broad well-being is, and how many different types of well-being there are.

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